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This article or section needs expansion. pairing lists are incomplete. The Percy Jackson and the Olympians fandom is filled with minor and major characters, and offers incredible amount of possible pairing.
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Artemis & Percy Jackson; The Hunters of Artemis & Percy Jackson; Percy Jackson; Artemis (Percy Jackson) The Hunters of Artemis (Percy Jackson) The Olympians (Percy Jackson) Guardian - Freeform; The Great One; The Hunt; Resurrection; Twelve Gods of Olympus (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore) Treason; Betrayal; Cross-Posted on FanFiction.Net; Cross ...
Browse artemis fanfics and stories. Artemis (2 artemis stories). Subscribe for tag feed.
Browse artemis fanfics and stories. Artemis (2 artemis stories). Subscribe for tag feed.
Zerochan has 15 Artemis (DanMachi) anime images, fanart, and many more in its gallery. Artemis (DanMachi) is a character from DanMachi: Arrow Of The Orion.My Little Moonlight Chapter 1:The Sea Betrayed by Wisdom The world seemed to go dark for Artemis as she saw her lover, Percy Jackson, get impaled by the spear of her great grandfather, Ouranos. Artemis kicked Ouranos in the crotch making him stumble backwards as her hunters fended him off giving her time to speak with her dying Perseus. Artemis finds Percy as a homeless. Percy finds out he is actually Percy Chaos Jackson, guardian of the hunt and love of Artemis. Artemis returns his memories.
Actually, Artemis was going to be the name for another female character in the original proposal for a Sailor V anime but that never came to fruition. When Luna first starts communicating with the Game Machine in the anime she does not initially realize that she's being fed information by Artemis.Nov 30, 2020 The confrontation of the Hunters of Artemis and the Guardian of the Hunt was about The camp followed in my claim to find Percy, and decided we were going to tell Chiron today. This story was created by Hans50 on Tags Action Fanfiction Artemis Pjs Betrayed Poseidon Percy Jackson
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